Kiambu’s 3 Billion Modern Markets and New Expressway Poised to Transform it’s Economic Landscape

Wamatangi Modern Market Presentation, Pic Courtesy Kenya News

Kiambu County is at the forefront of a real estate transformation, set to reshape its economic horizon through the development of modern markets and a new expressway. Traders in Kiambu County, particularly in Wangige, Kabete Sub County, are poised to reap the rewards of a groundbreaking initiative that will enhance the region’s real estate prospects. Additionally, the Government has previously unveiled plans to build the Kiambu Expressway, designed to ease congestion on the Thika Superhighway.

President Ruto’s allocation of Sh13 billion for market construction nationwide underscores the government’s recognition of markets as vital economic engines. Kiambu County’s receipt of Sh3 billion reflects a strategic investment in infrastructure that promises to enhance the quality of life for residents and investors alike.

Plots For Sale Kiambu
Plots For Sale Kamakis,Kiambu

Governor Kimani Wamatangi’s announcement during a public participation meeting at the Bishop Kariuki Integrated Community Training Centre signals a significant shift in Kiambu’s market infrastructure. President Ruto’s visionary program aims to construct five modern markets across various sub-counties, ushering in a new era of commerce and development.

The planned construction of a three-story market complex, alongside similar endeavors in Madaraka, Ruiru, Kangangi, and Githunguri, underscores the government’s commitment to modernizing trade facilities. With a substantial allocation of Sh400 million from the national government, supplemented by Sh150 million from the local administration, the project symbolizes a strategic investment in Kiambu’s real estate sector.

In addition to the modern markets, the construction of a new expressway promises to further enhance Kiambu’s real estate potential. By improving connectivity and accessibility, the expressway will stimulate economic activity and drive demand for residential and commercial properties along its route.

Beyond the immediate benefits to traders, the establishment of modern markets and the new expressway holds profound implications for Kiambu’s real estate outlook. By creating vibrant commercial hubs and improving infrastructure, these projects serve as catalysts for urban development and property appreciation.

Plots For Sale Mwalimu Farm
Plots For Sale Mwalimu Farm

Governor Wamatangi’s assurance of temporary trading spaces during the construction phase mitigates disruptions for traders while underscoring the government’s commitment to supporting local businesses. Upon completion, the multi-storey market hub is poised to accommodate approximately 700 traders, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The public participation process, coupled with input from residents and traders, reflects a commitment to inclusive decision-making and community engagement. Addressing concerns related to space allocation and market leadership demonstrates a proactive approach to governance and accountability.

As Kiambu County prepares for the tender advertisement and subsequent construction phase, transparency remains paramount in the allocation of market spaces. Governor Wamatangi’s pledge to uphold transparency underscores a commitment to fairness and equity in the distribution of resources.

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