African-Americans Explore Investment Opportunities and Cultural Ties in Kenya

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Traverse Cultures’ Call to Action Campaign Strengthens Bonds Through a Cultural Exchange Forum in Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya – January 8, 2024

In a groundbreaking cultural exchange initiative, African-Americans seeking investment opportunities or contemplating relocation to Kenya gathered in Nairobi on Saturday. The event, organized by Traverse Cultures and aptly named the “Call to Action” campaign, aimed to strengthen the bonds among Africans who share a common lineage.

Traverse Cultures’ Call to Action Campaign

The campaign, spearheaded by Traverse Cultures, provides a platform for African-Americans to delve into Kenyan cultural practices. The primary goal is to ease their transition, fostering a welcoming environment for those considering investment or relocation.

“We are coming to your country not to force ourselves upon you, but because we are your cousins. Although we may not know each other, we are fully aware of the significant disconnect. This is the starting process of bridging that gap,” expressed a representative of Traverse Cultures during the campaign.

A Glimpse into Kenyan Culture

Participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Kenya, learning about language, food, music, and initiation processes of the Lu Kii and Kiku communities.

One highlight was the insight into childbirth practices, where children are born at home and given the temporary name “M,” signifying their emergence from the womb. Traditional midwives play a crucial role in the process, showcasing the deep-rooted connection to ancestral practices.

Furthermore, the event shed light on initiation rituals, such as the removal of lower teeth, a practice known for its painful nature. Such experiences aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Kenyan cultural heritage.

Shared Experiences of African-Americans in Kenya

African-Americans who have already made the move to Kenya shared their experiences, emphasizing the profound sense of belonging upon arrival.

“When I got off that plane in 2009, I felt at home. I had never been here before, but there’s something special about stepping onto Kenyan soil,” recounted one individual.

The Journey Back to Eden 2024-2025

Looking ahead, Traverse Cultures plans to initiate the “Journey Back to Eden 2024-2025,” targeting 3,000 African-Americans for a return to their ancestral home in Kenya. This initiative, dubbed the “Legends Edition,” aims to further solidify the cultural ties between Kenya and the African-American community.


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