Former Naivas Boss Opens Two Supermarkets in Kiambu

Jaza Discount Opening Store

Former Naivas Supermarkets Chief Commercial Officer, Willy Kimani, has launched a pioneering venture in the retail sector, contributing to the burgeoning real estate landscape of Kiambu County. Kimani’s latest endeavor, the Jaza discount supermarket chain, named after the Swahili term for “fill up,” introduces an affordable retail option catering to suburbs that lack adequate service from major chains.

The launch of two new stores in Chokaa and Gachie in Kiambu County, alongside an e-commerce platform, highlights Jaza’s commitment to providing everyday essentials across Nairobi and Kiambu. With six operational stores, including Buruburu, Mihango, Kayole Soweto, and Githurai 44, Jaza redefines retail by merging affordability with convenience.

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Jaza’s expansion mirrors Kenya’s economic trend of rising inflation and a demand for affordable goods. Amid challenges like currency depreciation, Kimani aims to meet consumer needs while boosting local manufacturers with locally-made products.

House For Sale in Kiambu, Thika-Golf.
House For Sale in Kiambu

Kimani’s departure from Naivas and Jaza’s launch signify his vision for inclusive retail, serving less affluent consumers. Leveraging his industry experience, Kimani introduces a dedicated hard discounter, filling a gap in Kenya’s modern trade.

As Jaza expands, it transforms retail and impacts real estate in Nairobi and environs. Strategically located in underserved areas and embracing digital innovation through WhatsApp orders, Jaza merges retail entrepreneurship with real estate investment.

Kimani’s venture showcases Kenya’s business adaptability amidst economic challenges. With Jaza set to revolutionize retail, its influence extends beyond brick-and-mortar stores, reshaping affordability and accessibility perceptions in Kenya’s retail and real estate sectors.

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