Mwalimu Farm Drone Shots – Part 1

1/8th Acre600,000 - 850,000
1 Acre3 - 3.5M

✔️ Ready freehold title.

✔️ Site visit: Monday to Saturday from 9:00am.

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Acre Plots at Mwalimu Farm, Ruiru.

Your Guide: Easy Directions to Mwalimu Farm, Ruiru


Mwalimu Farm, tucked away in Ruiru — a sub-county in Kiambu County, North of Nairobi — offers a serene and easily accessible location, enriched with various amenities. Whether you’re eyeing a visit or considering a move, this Guide is your roadmap to Mwalimu Farm.

Location and Accessibility: A Strategic Win

First things first, let’s pinpoint these plots. They’re cozily situated about 12km from Kangundo Road, branching off at Ruai Quickmart. And get this: 10km of this is smooth tarmac, with just 2km off-tarmac.

Tarmac Road, Mwalimu Farm Plots.

Future-Proof Accessibility

Hold onto your hats! These plots will soon be accessible via the Eastern Bypass at Kona Kamakis. That means dual access from both Kangundo and the Eastern Bypass. Strategic, isn’t it?

Ideal for Speculation: The Time to Invest is Now

For the forward-thinking investor, these plots are a goldmine. With ongoing road construction and houses popping up for sale, the area is a hotbed for speculation. Early investors, this is your cue!

Neighbours and Community: You're in Good Company!

It’s not just about the where, but also the who. These plots are neighbours with Nairobi at Embakasi Ranching, a mere 40km from Nairobi CBD. Plus, you’re near the AP Driving Post and other homes. It’s the ideal mix of urban and community vibes.

Mwalimu Farm Neighbourhood.

Mwalimu Farm Neighbourhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Multiple Routes: Buses, matatus, and taxis can get you there.
  • Nairobi Connectivity: Easy access through Odeon stage, Tom Mboya Street, and Luthuli Avenue.
  • Matatu SACCOs: Include Super Metro, Lopha Multipurpose, Nawaku Sacco, Kenya Mpya, Thika Road Sacco, Matara Sacco, and Manchester Sacco.
  • Size: Spacious Plots
    Size isn't just a number here. These plots boast a generous 50 by 100 dimension, offering you a canvas for your dreams—be it a sprawling home, a buzzing commercial hub, or a lush farm.

Facts about Mwalimu Farm

Here are 10 interesting facts about Mwalimu Farm, Ruiru, that might be intriguing for buyers interested in property, particularly in terms of infrastructure:

1) Serene Location

Mwalimu Farm is situated in Ruiru, a rapidly growing suburb located in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital City. This tranquil location offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for residents.

Mwalimu Farm Aerial View

Aerial View of Mwalimu Farm Plots.

2) Infrastructure Development

Mwalimu Farm has been experiencing significant infrastructure development in recent years. The area has witnessed the expansion of roads, improved water and electricity supply, and the establishment of essential amenities.

3) Road Connectivity

Mwalimu Farm enjoys excellent road connectivity to Nairobi and other major areas. The Thika Superhighway, Eastern Bypass, and Northern Bypass provide convenient access to the Central Business District, industrial areas, and other parts of Nairobi.

4) Proximity to Thika

Mwalimu Farm is located in close proximity to Thika, a thriving industrial town. This offers potential employment opportunities for residents and makes it convenient for commuting to work.

Social Amenities near Mwalimu Farm.

5) Social Amenities

Mwalimu Farm offers a range of social amenities to cater to residents’ needs. There are schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and recreational areas nearby, providing convenience and enhancing the quality of life. Nearby medical facilities include the Aga Khan University Hospital and the Ruiru Medical Center.

6) Water and Electricity Infrastructure

Mwalimu Farm benefits from a reliable water supply and stable electricity infrastructure. Access to clean water and uninterrupted power is crucial for a comfortable living environment.

7) Educational Institutions

The area around Mwalimu Farm is home to reputable educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools such as the Braeburn Schools, Crawford International School, and Ruiru Greens Academy. This makes it an attractive location for families with school-going children.

School near Mwalimu Farm.

8) Shopping and Entertainment

Mwalimu Farm is conveniently located near shopping centers and entertainment facilities. Nearby shopping centers include the Thika Road Mall and the Garden City Mall. Residents have easy access to supermarkets, retail outlets, restaurants, and cinemas, providing ample options for shopping and leisure activities. The nearby Karura Forest offers an ideal location for outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and mountain biking.

9) Future Development Prospects

Mwalimu Farm is experiencing continuous growth and development. With ongoing infrastructure projects and increasing investment in the area, buyers can expect potential appreciation in property value in the future. The nearby Tatu City is a new mixed-use development that aims to create a sustainable urban community with a focus on technology and innovation.

10) Security

Mwalimu Farm benefits from enhanced security measures, providing residents with a safe and secure living environment. This is an essential factor for buyers considering property investments.


So, what’s the hold-up? With its prime location, ample size, and ripe investment potential, Mwalimu Farm plots in Ruiru-East are a real estate aficionado’s dream. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in land buying, this is a chance you don’t want to miss!

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How far are these plots from Nairobi CBD?

A mere 40km. Close yet far enough for peace.

What makes these plots ripe for speculation?

Ongoing developments like road construction and houses for sale.

What's the size of these plots?

A spacious 50 by 100, offering room for diverse investment opportunities.

How can I reach Mwalimu Farm in Ruiru?

Real Estate investment near The Northlands Project - Mwalimu Farm Phases.

To reach Mwalimu Farm, you can board a bus or matatu at Odeon stage, Tom Mboya Street, or Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi. Alternatively, you can use private means of transportation such as taxis. Mwalimu Farm is easily accessible and well-connected to the surrounding areas.