March 31, 2024: Kiambu County Extends Land Rates Waiver Deadline

In accordance with the Kiambu County Valuation and Rating Act of 2016, the Kiambu County administration has officially extended the deadline for the 100% waiver on land rates to March 31, 2024. This extension provides land and plot owners with additional time to take advantage of the waiver opportunity.

Qualification Criteria: To be eligible for the waiver, land and plot owners must adhere to the following guidelines within the specified period:

  1. Settlement of Outstanding Principal Land Rates: Land and plot owners are required to clear any outstanding principal land rates within the designated waiver period to avail the 100% waiver.

Failure to settle the principal amount within the waiver period will result in the principal amount and accrued interest remaining payable thereafter, as per the Kiambu County Valuation and Rating Act, 2016 Part VII โ€“ Enforcement.

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Payment Procedure: To facilitate the payment process, land and plot owners are required to follow these steps:

  1. Visit Respective Sub County Offices: Land and plot owners must physically visit their respective sub-county offices to initiate the payment process, ensuring direct engagement and verification.
  2. Obtain Quotation and Make Payments: Upon visiting the sub-county offices, land and plot owners should obtain a quotation of the invoice for the land rates. Payments can be made through various modes, including MPESA PAYBILL NUMBER, COUNTY COOP ACC, and BANK TRANSFER.
  3. Present the Invoice for Receipting: After making the payment, land and plot owners must present the invoice at the designated counter for official receipting, finalizing the transaction and ensuring proper documentation.

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The Kiambu County administration stresses the importance of adhering to these guidelines to facilitate a smooth processing of the land rates waiver. It encourages all concerned parties to comply with the outlined procedures to avoid discrepancies or delays.

This initiative aims to streamline the land rates waiver process, ensuring fairness and transparency in compliance with relevant county regulations and laws.

For further inquiries or clarifications, individuals are encouraged to contact their respective sub-county offices.

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