Mombasa Gate Bridge: Everything You Need To Know

Mombasa Gate Bridge
  1. Project Conception: The Mombasa Gate Bridge project was conceived 40 years ago and is finally set to commence construction.
  2. Length of the Bridge: The Mombasa Gate Bridge will be 13.2 kilometers long, making it The 2nd longest bridge in Africa.
  3. Financing: The Kenyan government inked a deal with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the construction of the bridge. The loan agreement amounts to 47.8 billion yen, equivalent to 53 billion Kenyan Shillings.
  4. Project Start Date: Construction of the bridge is scheduled to begin after the deal with JICA was endorsed on January 10, 2024.
  5. Bridge Design: The bridge will start on Lumumba Road near kingorani Prison and will pass over key landmarks such as the Mombasa Railway Station and Moi Avenue. It will also cross the Likoni channel to enter the mainland side of Likoni .
  6. Displacement and Impact: The project will lead to the displacement of more than 3,200 people and will affect various aspects of transport infrastructure, including roads, power distribution, and telecommunications lines. Additionally, it will impact businesses, rental houses, food kiosks, and public schools.
  7. Compensation and Legal Issues: Compensation for affected individuals and businesses should have started from June of the previous year but has faced delays. Legal issues surrounding land ownership and compensation have been identified, with only 82 landowners along the project area being legal.
  8. Impact on Ferries and Floating Bridge: Some of the ferries will be moved to the Mutongwe Crossing Channel, with plans to refurbish other vessels for tourism and recreational activities. The government decommissioned the 2 billion Shillings Floating Bridge in Likoni due to interruptions with ships calling the port of Mombasa.
  9. Project Timeline: The Mombasa Gate Bridge project was first conceived in 1984 as the Likoni Crossing plan but has taken 40 years to materialize.
  10. Expected Impact: The bridge is expected to facilitate efficient transportation at the ferry crossing channel in Likoni, reducing congestion. Combined with the Ndongo Kundu Bypass, it is projected to be a game changer not only for the coast but the entire East African region.

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