Northlands Project Propels Real Estate Surge in Kamakis & Mwalimu Farm:

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A Glimpse into Northlands City – Pioneering the Ksh500 Billion Vision

A captivating view of Northlands City, a visionary Ksh500 billion project, sets the stage for transformative discussions in the realm of real estate.

The focal point of the image is a private airport nestled within Northlands City, intricately linked to former President Uhuru Kenyatta. This aerial spectacle is accessible to the public through Google satellites at coordinates 1°11’29″S 36°58’42″E, presenting Northlands Aerodrome—a classified domestic airport.

Featuring a fully operational runway strip tailored for private planes and jets, the infrastructure also showcases an unmarked building at the far end, sparking speculations of its role as a hangar.

This photograph not only captures the architectural grandeur of Northlands City but also signals a potential paradigm shift in the local real estate landscape.

Equipped for Growth: Real Estate Potential

The fully operational runway and speculated hangar contribute to the allure of Northlands City for real estate enthusiasts. As private citizens in developed countries have embraced similar runways, the potential for regulated real estate development around this aviation infrastructure becomes apparent.

The development of Northlands City is anticipated to significantly influence the real estate landscape in Kamakis and Mwalimu Farm. As the project unfolds, these neighboring areas are likely to experience an upswing in property values, making them attractive prospects for real estate investment.

Future Prospects for Residents

While it remains uncertain whether the Kenyatta family will extend the use of the private airport to Northlands City residents, the overall development signals promising prospects for real estate in Kamakis and Mwalimu Farm.

In the coming years, these regions could witness unprecedented growth, making them sought-after destinations for both residential and commercial real estate investment.

The Northlands Project, with its ambitious vision, not only sparks national discussions but also shapes the future of real estate in its surrounding areas, creating an intricate web of opportunities and challenges.

While discussions revolve around the private airport, the spotlight also turns to the anticipated positive effects on real estate, particularly in the adjacent areas of Kamakis and Mwalimu Farm.

The Northlands City: A Futuristic Real Estate Hub

Northlands City, a groundbreaking Ksh500 billion commercial and residential housing project, sprawls across an expansive 11,000-acre parcel of land in Ruiru. It traverses the Eastern bypass from City Cabanas to Ruiru, promising to be a hub for commercial spaces, industrial parks, schools, and residential areas upon completion.


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