Somali’s Vintage Real Estate Shines: Breaking Grounds in Modern Architecture

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Nairobi, October 19, 2023 – A remarkable achievement in modern architecture and technology has thrust Nairobi-based, Somali-owned company ‘VINTAGE’ into the global spotlight. Their breathtaking Smart Residence Project, known as “Avora Residence,” has clinched the prestigious International Property Award, marking a significant milestone in real estate and design.

Triumph in Africa and Beyond: International Recognition

VINTAGE not only secured the title of the best residential development in Africa for 2023/2024 and a five-star award in the Real Estate category but also received a coveted nomination for an international event in London slated for February 2024.

The International Property Awards are globally renowned for honoring excellence across various sectors of the property and real estate industry, and receiving one is a universally recognized symbol of achievement.

Revolutionizing Modern Living: The Role of AI in Avora Residence

This award signifies a groundbreaking achievement for VINTAGE, positioning them as pioneers in revolutionizing modern architecture through the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smart residential homes. Their innovative approach has not only impressed experts and jurors but has also set a new standard in the industry.

Avora Residence: A Leap into Smart Living

The Smart Residence Project represents a substantial leap forward in integrating AI into residential living. It promises residents a smarter and more intuitive way to interact with their environment, enhancing convenience and efficiency in everyday life.

The project boasts unique features such as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, providing eco-friendly solutions without compromising comfort. Additionally, smart home automation, motion sensors for temperature control, advanced air filtration systems, and intelligent security systems ensure the well-being and security of its residents.

Global Recognition and Future Horizons: Nominated for Europe

In addition to winning the best residential development in Africa, VINTAGE’s exceptional achievement has secured a nomination to compete in an international event in London in February 2024. This not only underscores the global appeal of their innovative approach but also sets the stage for potential further accolades and recognition on an international scale.

Honoring Excellence Across the Real Estate Spectrum

The International Property Awards identify and honor excellence in various aspects of real estate, including development, architecture, and interior design. This focus extends to services, sustainability, high living standards, ergonomics, originality, and creativity.

Vintage Real Estate’s “Avora” Smart Residence Project stands as a shining example of excellence in the real estate and property development sector. This recognition positions Vintage Real Estate as a trailblazer, setting a new benchmark in modern architecture and smart residential living, as it prepares to compete at the international level in London in February 2024.

Accolades Earned:

  • Best Residential Development 2023/2024 – KENYA
  • Best Architectural CGI 2023/2024 – KENYA
  • Best Residential Development 2023/2024 – AFRICA
  • Best Architectural CGI 2023/2024 – AFRICA
  • 5-star Winner for Real Estate 2023/2024

Upcoming Nomination:

  • Best Residential Development 2023/2024 – Europe
  • Best Architectural CGI 2023/2024 – Europe


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