Tatu City :Everything You Need To Know

Tatu City
Tatu City

Tatu City is a substantial urban development project in Kenya, located near Nairobi, spread over 5,000 acres designed to accommodate over 250,000 residents. The city integrates residential areas, commercial spaces, schools, medical facilities, and recreational amenities.

Key Aspects of Tatu City:

  1. Special Economic Zone (SEZ): It offers business incentives such as reduced corporate taxes and zero-rated VAT, which bolster its appeal as a business and economic hub.
  2. Ownership and Development: Developed by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest urban land developer, Tatu City started with land acquisitions from the Kofinaf coffee estates costing approximately USD 87.4 million. The project, established between 2008 and 2010, has seen over USD 130 million investment from Rendeavour, overcoming various legal hurdles.
  3. Residential Offerings:
    • Kijani Ridge: Premium residential plots over 350 acres, featuring luxurious homes in a tranquil environment.
    • Unity Homes: More than 4,000 units including affordable apartments and upscale townhomes, with a focus on providing a blend of affordability and modern living.
  4. Commercial and Industrial Development:
    • Tatu Industrial Park: A 900-acre park that supports light industrial and logistics companies. The park is in its second phase of development due to high demand, providing essential infrastructure and strategic location benefits for businesses.
  5. Education and Lifestyle: The city hosts premier educational institutions like Crawford International School and Nova Pioneer, which offer international curriculums and innovative learning approaches. It also includes lifestyle amenities such as jogging tracks, sports courts, and green spaces.
  6. Business Environment: The city has attracted over 75 companies including major brands like Dormans and Twiga Foods, benefiting from the SEZ incentives.
  7. Future Development Plans: Plans include expanding residential areas, enhancing business parks, and adding amenities like parks, an infinity pool, a gym, and a commercial center.

Tatu City represents a model for integrated urban development with a focus on creating a self-sustaining environment that supports residential, educational, and business needs, significantly impacting Kenya’s urban landscape.

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