Thika City Status: Everything You Need To Know

Thika City
Thika City Status

1.Committee Appointment and Formation: Governor Kimani Wamatangi of Kiambu has formed a new committee to assess Thika’s eligibility for city status, replacing six of the original seven members.

2.Composition of the Committee: The newly formed committee consists of experts from various professional organizations, including the Architects Association of Kenya, the Law Society of Kenya, the Association of Urban Areas and Cities, the Kenya Institute of Planners, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Institute of Surveyors of Kenya, and members of the local business community.

3.Thika’s Progress and Administrative Reforms: Thika has been progressing towards city status, notably through infrastructure development projects such as the Kenya Urban Support Programme, supported by administrative reforms initiated by Governor Wamatangi in 2022, which recognized Thika as a separate administrative area independent of Juja Sub-County.

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4.Development Plans and Challenges: Plans for Thika’s development include proposals to establish an airport in Gatuanyaga and address various challenges such as inadequate street lighting, informal street vending, transportation inefficiencies, limited parking, land disputes, waste management issues, water shortages, and bureaucratic delays in approving construction plans.

5.Evaluation Process and Financial Allocation: The newly appointed committee will undergo an evaluation process, expected to result in a proposal submitted to the county assembly. Governor Wamatangi has allocated funds for water distribution and emphasized the need for an additional investment of Ksh15 billion to support Thika’s development as a city.

6.Municipal Upgrades and Plans for Elevation: Proposals for municipal upgrades have been suggested not only for Thika but also for nearby areas such as Juja, Gatundu, Githurai (Kahawa), Kabete, and Githunguri, as part of the broader plan to elevate Thika into an Industrial Smart City.

7.Resolution of Challenges and Timeline for Elevation: Governor Wamatangi’s administration has resolved previous challenges that stalled the elevation process, aiming to secure the Thika city charter by the end of the year, anticipating increased investment, job creation, and financial allocation from the national government upon elevation.

8.Leadership Support and Development Initiatives: Governor Wamatangi and local leaders are supporting the development, emphasizing its potential to spur growth in Thika. Various initiatives, including the gazettement of land for an Export Processing Zone and efforts to reclaim public land for amenities, are already underway.

9.Protection of Public Land and Infrastructure Development: Governor Wamatangi vows to protect public land in Thika for necessary amenities, highlighting the importance of avoiding past instances of land grabbing. Various infrastructure projects, including the overhaul of markets and the renovation of bus parks, are planned to support Thika’s development.

10.Financial Implications and Progress with Public Participation: Upon elevation, Thika is expected to attract significant grants for infrastructural development, including roads, drainage, street lighting, water connectivity, and sewerage systems. The transformation process is currently at 60 percent completion, with ongoing public participation, drafting of reports, charters, and integrated development plans.

11.Political Support and Committee Changes: Local leaders, including Members of County Assembly (MCAs), express their support for the project, committing to mobilize residents. Governor Wamatangi’s significant changes to the committee underscore his commitment to advancing Thika’s city aspirations, ensuring a thorough evaluation process.

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