Tolling of Kiambu Road and Thika Road: Potential Negative Impact on Kiambu Real Estate

Thika Road

Transport Cabinet Secretary Proposes Toll Stations for Highway Funding

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has proposed the introduction of new toll stations on major highways to generate funds for nationwide road construction and rehabilitation. This proposal was announced during the launch of the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

Highlighted Highways for Toll Stations

During the presentation, Murkomen specifically highlighted key routes such as the Athi River-Namanga Road, Galleria-Rongai-Ngong-Karen Shopping Centre,Museum Hill-Moyale and Sirare- Lodwar(Thika Road) and Kiambu Road for the potential installation of toll stations.

Real Estate Concerns

Despite the government’s aim to improve road infrastructure, the proposal of toll stations, particularly along routes like Kiambu Road, Thika Road raises concerns within the Property sector in Kiambu. The potential introduction of toll stations may adversely affect real estate development and property values along Kiambu Road.

House For Sale in Kiambu
House For Sale in Kiambu

Impact on Commuters and Real Estate

With toll stations anticipated, commuters may opt for alternative routes to avoid additional costs, potentially diverting traffic away from Kiambu Road. Reduced accessibility and increased travel expenses could deter potential property buyers and tenants, impacting demand and property prices in the area.

Uncertainty in Real Estate Ventures

The perception of Kiambu Road as a toll route may prompt investors and developers to reconsider their real estate projects in the vicinity. Uncertainty regarding future traffic patterns and economic viability could dampen enthusiasm for real estate ventures along Kiambu Road.

Allocation of Funds

Murkomen emphasized the dedication of the government to enhancing road networks across Kenya, estimating an allocation of approximately Ksh 700 million for the installation of toll stations. He stressed the importance of redirecting the resources generated from toll roads back to the Kenyan people to ensure the delivery of quality roads.

Plots For Sale Kamakis
Plots For Sale Kamakis

Collaborative Efforts for Mitigation

In response to Murkomen’s proposal, stakeholders in the real estate sector may need to assess potential implications on property markets and development plans along Kiambu Road. Collaborative efforts between government agencies and industry players may be necessary to mitigate any negative impacts and ensure sustainable growth in the region.

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